Bloomfield College Science Plaza

Bloomfield, New Jersey

Bloomfield College, a private school in central NJ, with a rising enrollment, has a long term plan to revitalize their campus. The Science Building, located on the outskirts of the city campus was built in 1969 and lacked a controlled entry. The concrete stairs and platform at the entrance were crumbling and the layout restricted pedestrian travel.  There was also an insufficient amount of lounging space for students.

Tony Kowidge, was the Project Manager of the IS&L Architecture Studio team to transform an underutilized yard into a student plaza for the Science Building and resolve the deficiencies of the site. Working with an IS&L partner he participated in the design of a new entry,  and an outdoor plaza that allows space for study groups, lunch areas and general seating.  The facade of the Science Building did not blend aesthetically with the outdoor spaces; as a result, a period correct stair and outdoor plaza were provided.  By taking advantage of the front yard’s lower elevation, the design accommodated a sunken plaza with a new grand staircase.  A stepped seating area was built into the hill that allows for classes to convene outside.  By extending the entry stair further out from the building an enclosed indoor space was created overlooking the plaza providing a lunch room and vending area. Mr. Kowidge was a key member of the IS&L team having contributed to the design and preparing the construction documents and performing construction administration.