Collaboration and Consultants

TIAS is honored to work with many firms to provide the best consultation services for our clients – to insure that your project is safe, efficient, and structurally and financially sound.

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The Ives Architecture Studio is a founding member of The New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Alliance (NJCREA) which is an organization of highly skilled firms and individuals representing all disciplines of the commercial real estate industry.
The Ives Architecture Studio (TIAS) is a founding firm of the NJCREA’s Healthcare Division, specializing in  developing and creating modern healthcare facilities utilizing a “think tank” approach.
The Ives Architecture Studio is a long time partner of the Montoro Group.  A partnership between John Montoro, AIA and Joel Ives, AIA  provides our clients with the collective expertise of both firms for specialty projects.
TIAS is a collaborative partner with Urban Architectural Initiatives. They have built their reputation on providing design services in supportive based architecture, to include residential, religious, educational, community, and commercial buildings.
TIAS is a partner with BCH for projects where a high degree  of technical expertise is required in healthcare design and construction.
Ascalon Studios, a third generation family run business, provides custom and unique artistic elements for religious buildings.   TIAS collaborates with Ascalon for religious interiors.
Corporate Art offers artwork and art consulting services in a wide range of  industries. Their skilled art professionals have the resources to fulfill the artwork needs specific to your business, taking into consideration budget and time constraints.