Database of Stalled Projects May Get Things Going

The American Institute of Architects has recently instituted an amazing national database of projects “that make economic sense” but, have been held up due to a lack of funding. The AIA is attempting to link architects, developers and lenders. It’s kind of like a “” for launching stalled projects.

I believe this concept might “take off” and expand to thousands of opportunities across the country.  It appears that if you get you name on the list during the early stages of the database, your firm will get a great deal of exposure and possibly make some “deals.”

This is an exciting concept in our sluggish economy.   Let me know if I can be of any help.  I would be interested if anyone needs an architect.

Joel Ives, AIA

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Written by

Joel Ives

Joel Ives is the founding partner of The Ives Architecture Studio. He has over 30 years of architectural and urban planning experience in the New York metropolitan area

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