Much more than a warehouse….. the super flat floor is the most important part

EAI - View with Windows (Close up)Designing a warehouse involves more than deciding the size of the building. The question to be asked is how much storage space do you need?  A super – flat floor with wire guided lift systems allows for a more efficient building since the aisles can be narrower and more products can fit within the structure. For EAI in Oakland, N.J., the expansion of their facility mandated an exact layout of rack systems to work with the new technology of today’s forklifts and high rack systems.  This doubled their capacity.  The Ives Architecture Studio located in Fair Lawn, NJ was involved every step along the way from Planning Board approvals to designing the new addition to meet those goals and following through to construction.  Important to the building design was the inclusion of a special concrete floor to meet the FF50 standard for levelness, and smoothness.  After curing the concrete, it was then sealed and polished, the floor was then grooved to install laser cut wire guides to steer the forklifts to their programmed locations.  The contractor for this project was the Heuer & Company, Waldwick, NJ. Both Heuer and Ives are founding members of NJCREA, The New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Alliance.

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The Ives Architecture Studio (TIAS), based in Fair Lawn, NJ, has over 30 years experience in the disciplines of architecture, interior design & planning.

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