The Historic Radburn Building Stands Up to the Test of Time

This recent photo of the historic Radburn Building in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, which is known for its clock tower, was built in 1929. It was rehabilitated by the Ives Group, Architects/Planners after a devastating fire in 2002. It continues its success as a vibrant focal point for Fair Lawn.  The Ives Schier & Lesser Architecture Studio and later  The Ives Architecture Studio has moved many tenants into the building the past which reflects the ever changing needs of business. The “mixed-use” concept of the building, with retail below and offices above, is still a valid concept after 80 plus years especially since located near rail transportation. The life of this iconic building spans from the great depression to the current one and proves that well designed and maintained architecture can survive the test of time. With New Jersey fast approaching the undesirable position as becoming the first state in the country to have used up “all” it developable land, we need to look at our existing building stock and re-purpose these structures as we move into the future. The Ives Architecture Studio currently makes their home on the third floor of this iconic building.

Written by

Joel Ives

Joel Ives is the founding partner of The Ives Architecture Studio. He has over 30 years of architectural and urban planning experience in the New York metropolitan area

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