Joel Ives, AIA Architect helps Launch NJCREA

The New Jersey Commercial Real Estate Alliance (NJCREA) is an organization that was created to provide collaborative expertise from all the professional disciplines normally involved in commercial real estate transactions. This provides greater value to a prospective venture and a more exhaustive and timely analysis of a project. Recently a second group that focuses on HealthCare was established due to the success of the concept. 

This new business approach gets all the real estate professionals “to the table” at one time, rather than the traditional approach of stringing out one activity after another and, never having many of these experts meet each other. Our approach affords our clients, especially those with distressed properties, a unique, fast moving, and economical resource. Considering the realities of the current state of the economy, the NJCREA looks at distressed properties and recommends new options that might not be revealed without the combined brainpower of a team, all working at the same time on a problem property.

The client has an option to consult with NJCREA as team, commission only those members of the alliance that meet his needs or, hire only one discipline that is critical to his project.

“Regardless of whether prospective clients are planning to buy, sell, build, renovate, lease, remodel, relocate or refinance commercial real estate, NJCREA aims to bring together highly regarded commercial real estate experts to examine and advise on ways to overcome the challenges that arise in real estate and construction projects by utilizing a unique and collaborative ‘think tank’ team approach,” commented Darren Lizzack, Associate Vice President at NAI James E. Hanson.

NJCREA’s members include accountants (The Hunter Group), appraisers (Welsh Chester Galiney Matone, Inc.), architects, Joel Ives, AIA, The Architecture Studio , attorneys (Winne, Banta, Hetherington, Basralian & Kahn, PC), brokers (NAI James E. Hanson), construction management providers (SKANSKA), general contractors (Heuer & Company), engineering (Langan Engineering & Environmental Services), and title providers (Midland Abstract), who work concurrently to dispense advice on the best practices for completing successful commercial real estate ventures, including invaluable information on when projects may not be viable.

The NJCREA offers a wide-range of services, including site and building analysis, site selection, title search, environmental studies, surveying, real estate brokerage, project financing, banking solutions, appraisal services, accounting and financial management, conceptual planning, commercial insurance, green building concepts, architectural and interior design, “fit studies,” expert testimony, site engineering, planning and zoning board.

NJCREA has recently launched its website which offers a plethora of information and knowledge to individuals and firms that require these services for their real estate ventures. The site offers up-to-date industry news feeds that can be delivered to your email daily by signing up “free” of charge. The forum section was created for the public to connect with alliance members where you can ask questions or provide answers to questions posed by others. Each member firm has a blog page which offers unique information about each member’s respective field of expertise.

Inquiries are invited, especially those with problem properties.


Written by

Joel Ives

Joel Ives is the founding partner of The Ives Architecture Studio. He has over 30 years of architectural and urban planning experience in the New York metropolitan area

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