Tour of the Award Winning Aquaculture School, New Haven, Connecticut

In April 2013 Joel Ives took a special tour of the award winning Sound School which has weathered the Long Island Sound environment in excellent condition. He was instrumental in the creation of this project when a previous company greatly exceeded the budget and the project was facing cancellation. The client came to him for help in making the Aquaculture School a reality. The solution developed was to construct the main building on the foundation of an abandoned water treatment plant to reduce costs. Also, utilizing three adjacent wood framed buildings to house the balance of the academic departments proved to be the design to bring the project back into budget.

Built on the waterfront in New Haven CT, the Aquaculture School is a 350 student specialty public High School with a course program centered on oceanographic studies. The design accommodates classes in sea farming, boat building, hydroponics and other occupations related to the ocean.

The school’s boats are docked adjacent to the school buildings to allow easy student access to the waterfront. The project was done in a joint venture with The Ives Group Architects/Planners headed by Joel Ives, AIA, Dewberry Engineers and a local architect. It won high honors from the New York Construction News as one of the best school designs in the region.

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