Adaptive Building Re-Use Increasing

Due to the turbulent economy, we have seen many vacant buildings and other structures that are no longer relevant due to the changing needs of society. This has provided the Ives Architecture Studio with some unusual opportunities. Throughout history, buildings have outlived their original function. Utilizing an obsolete structure is the highest form of “green building” design and also makes economic sense. We are currently looking at an industrial building for adaptive re-use as medical offices and another for a restaurant. We are considering a large industrial building for re-use as a data center and a small industrial building for housing. We have adapted an underutilized office building for a temple and are currently examining a number of vacant auto dealerships. A word of caution is that you need an experienced team of professionals to work your way through the zoning approval process, the design and construction.

Written by

Joel Ives

Joel Ives is the founding partner of The Ives Architecture Studio. He has over 30 years of architectural and urban planning experience in the New York metropolitan area

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