TIAS changes drawing platforms

The Ives Architecture Studio is proud to announce that it has upgraded the way we produce drawings!  Just as architects used to use pencils and t-squares, almost all of them moved to computer aided drafting, or CAD.  Since the late 1990’s, the technology has gotten better and advances in the way buildings and systems could be designed in the 3-d realm continued to be improved.  Now the new drawing programs incorporate every aspect of how a building a structure is built in what is called Building Integrated Management, or BIM. Structural supports, mechanical systems, lighting, and how interiors are finished are all put together for a comprehensive image of how the building will be completed.  Designing with this platform allows architects, consultants, and owners to better coordinate today’s complicated engineering.  Our office has trained and implemented the use of AutoDesk’s REVIT 2015 program, and The Ives Architecture Studio is proud to better serve our clients and move into the next age of architecture..

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The Ives Architecture Studio (TIAS), based in Fair Lawn, NJ, has over 30 years experience in the disciplines of architecture, interior design & planning.

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